The Essex Manor was built in the early 1900’s and acquired by the late Estelle Essex, an actress and close friend and confidant of the first female cinema super star of silent movies, Mary Pickford, the first actor to own her own production company.  It has been said that Estelle Essex acquired The Manor so she could be close to her friend Mary, who had just bought a building in the mid Wilshire area. 

The Essex Manor was built before City Hall, going back to when Wilshire Boulevard was a string of cornfields.  The rear building was originally a carriage house and has since been transformed into hotel garden apartments.  

Legend has it that travelers on their way across California to the Pacific Coast would stop at the Essex Manor, to rest themselves and their horses before continuing on their journey to the Pacific Coast.  They would house their buggies and horses at the rear of the property, in the carriage house.  Coachmen would stay above the carriage house, so they could attend to the horses.  The narrow driveway along the east side of the building was just wide enough for a horse drawn carriage, and the jacuzzi and picnic area was originally used for the turn-around and bridling of horses.  

The Essex Manor, with its bright yellow awnings, is a restored jewel-box landmark building, which won a community Beautification Award and Certificate of Appreciation.  It houses 30 hotel apartments.

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